Parenting Fail!

The whole problem started with two facts. 1. We don’t have much counter space in our kitchen. 2. Both Rachel and Gabi benefit from a cool-mist vaporizer. We have (had) two cool-mist vaporizers. One of them is in the girls’ room, and the other one I kept downstairs. Because of the lack of counter space I unwisely kept it on the stove top. Jeff was fixing dinner yesterday, and he accidentally turned on the hot plate that the plastic cool-mist vaporizer was sitting on. Oh no! It started melting. I rushed into the kitchen and saw what had happened, and the first thing out of my mouth was “oh crap!” We examined the humidifier, and decided it was ruined and Jeff said “oh crap!” We moved the humidifier next to the trash for disposal and Rachel, pointing to the humidifier said “crap.” Oops! We really need to watch what we say.

This morning Rachel pointed to the humidifier and said “crap” several more times. I hope if we are careful she will forget that word. I have my doubts, though. A year ago when I was in the hospital Jeff taught Rachel a sign for “rabbit.” He mimicked hopping and said “hop hop hop.” It was a made up sign, but to this day Rachel never calls a rabbit a rabbit, or even a bunny. She always calls it a “hop” and uses the made up sign that Jeff taught her. She has a long memory.

In other news, today was an exciting day. Jeff’s youngest sister Michelle came home from her LDS mission in Buenos Aires Argentina. We met her at the airport, then went to Cheddars for lunch. Afterward we went to Jeff’s parents’ house and spent the rest of the day there and enjoyed being together as a family again.

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