Today Gabi is 10 months old

Today Gabi is 10 months old. And what a month this has been! Holy cow! She is really growing up a lot! She has her first 2 teeth. I noticed tooth #1 (actually it was tooth #P) March 2, and tooth #2 (actually #O) I first noticed one week later. She is becoming a skilled crawler. No longer does she utilize the “inch worm” technique. Instead she just crawls the normal way. I miss the inch worm, but she’s still a cutie. She loves pulling herself to her feet now. She does it a lot. She even does a little bit of cruising. She also likes “walking” while holding my fingers. She might be the wobbliest walker in the history of walkers, but she’s doing it.

A less than wonderful development that has occurred recently is her diaper changing behavior. She used to just lay there passively. Not any more! She can flip on to her stomach so fast! So what I’m doing to combat this is I lay her down, sit on the floor at her feet, then put my feet on her shoulders, and change her diaper as fast as I possibly can. She’s not a big fan of my strategy, but it works. Kind of.

Gabi is so incredibly busy all of the time. No more just cuddling. She is always squirming. When she’s up she wants down. When she’s down she wants up. It’s sad because I really like cuddling with her.

I have to tell you a funny story about Rachel. At about 11:50 this morning I heard Rachel riffling around in the kitchen. I went in to see what she was up to, and she was getting out some Ramen. She really likes that. I asked her if she wanted that for lunch, and she said yes. So I had her help me make it (which she really liked doing). I also peeled and sliced an apple. Rachel went to town on that lunch. She was shoveling in her food as if she hadn’t eaten in a week. When she was done she lifted up both hands and said “finished!” The ASL sign for “finished” is waving both hands, and that’s what she was doing, but it looked like she had just finished an eating competition. It was pretty funny. Or maybe you had to be there.

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  1. I remember doing wrestling matches with my kids when I changed them. I TOTALLY understand the whole pinning her down idea! And Rachel CRACKS me up–she REALLY must have been hungry. Maybe she'll grow a whole lot this month!

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