I thought I’d create a quick post with some pictures of Rachel and her fan club.

I personally like how Rachel’s big toe is sticking out of a hole in her PJs.

This is a picture of my shirt after Rachel pee peed on me. (This is not for the faint of heart!)

This is Rachel in her pretty Christmas dress. She had had a pretty cranky morning, and Marlene, who took care of her during Choir practice and Sacrament Meeting (for the Christmas program) was worn out. But her dress is sure cute!

Rachel and Scout playing with her little gym.

Naptime for the whole family.

After a brief conference with Santa Claus, we all got everything we wanted for Christmas!

2 Replies to “Pictures”

  1. What a lucky little girl – so loved! I cannot count the number of times I have been peed or puked on! It’s called ‘Mothers Perfume’.

  2. The naptime picture is priceless!
    And I am sure Rachel got everything she wanted when Mom was whispering in Santa’s ear (Although as she gets older, you will be whispering–no Santa, no matter how much she wants makeup, she is still, TOO YOUNG!)

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