Yesterday Andrea and Jonas came over. Jonas and Rachel enjoyed performing duets on the keyboard.

I bought for Rachel a new toy to help her learn to walk. It is a little car that can either be a sit-on toy, or a walk-behind toy.

Rachel likes it both ways.

In preparation for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Rachel is practicing her dismount. She likes the “head first dismount.” I give her a 10 for style.

Andrea brought Rachel a set of keys which made the perfect addition to her new car.

And then she crawled up the stairs and on to other adventures.

7 Replies to “Rachel”

  1. Looks like she’ll be walking in no time at all. She is so cute. Does she like to play with other kids? what an angel! She did have a pretty good dismount!

  2. Rachel does like to play with other kids. She is great with older kids, but I worry a little when she is with kids smaller than her, because she doesn’t always understand “soft.”

  3. I wish I would have known, I have two of those little cars/walkers at our house and we are looking for a home for the second one. She looks good!!!

  4. love the team work on the keyboard! They are so cute! I’m glad if Ray ray likes her keys. The picture with her mouth in the big “O” with her new walking toy is priceless.

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