Rachel is 16 Months Old (yesterday)

Yesterday was Rachel’s 16 month birthday. It was pretty much uneventful. She spent the day hanging out in Scout’s kennel reading the Reader’s Digest, or with Scout.

Today was slightly more eventful. Rachel had a momentous event. She walked down the stairs facing forward. She was holding my hand with one of her hands, and the railing supports with the other, but it was the first time she had ever descended forward. I was surprised because it was a set of stairs she never goes down by herself. It is the stairs going outside into the back yard. In the past I have always carried her down, but today she was very grown up about it.

3 Replies to “Rachel is 16 Months Old (yesterday)”

  1. Ooh, that scares me. I dread the day she decides, “Hey, I can take these stairs myself!” And then takes a tumble down them.

    Of course, I guess that won’t be the first time she tumbles down the stairs.

  2. Yea, Rachel! Happy 16 month birthday! You will soon be finding many many ways to give Mom and Dad heart palpitations with everything you do(at least that’s what Michael does with us!)! xoxo

  3. You forgot to mention your exciting trip to Wal Mart for her sweet 16 months birthday. I could tell you were there to celebrate by the way Rachel was dressed.

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