Rachel is 8 months old

I really wanted to post a couple of days ago on Rachel’s actual 8 month birthday, but the day was too busy, and I didn’t get to it. Then I wanted to post the following day, but again I was extremely ocupada, and didn’t get to it. Now I am here in Nags Head North Carolina, and I will catch up on the past few days.

Rachel’s 8 month birthday was on the 22 (2 days ago). It was a pretty great day. I was surprised with a visit from my brother Kelly. Kelly is a pilot for South West Airlines, and had an overnight in Louisville, so we were able to get together and visit for a while. Rachel got to meet her uncle Kelly for the first time. She really liked pulling his chest hair.

Rachel officially joined the ranks of the crawlers. I guess technically she creeps or scoots, but the point is she moves from point to point in a manner other than rolling (or being carried). Now, 2 days later, her crawling skills have improved even more. Stay tuned.

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  1. Little Rache has met a lot of Bateman’s in her short little life. That is cool that Kelly got to visit! and of course Rachel looks as cute as ever!

  2. Congrats on the crawling! It is so fun to watch them achieve these milestones. Of course in retrospect, you may wish she wasn’t so mobile, but again, it is fun to watch them try so hard and then succeed!

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