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  1. My results tend to be based on the order they give me the states in. If I have to place Nebraska with no reference point, I’ll probably be off (unless I get lucky), but if I can place easy ones first, I do better placing the hard ones.

  2. When the doctor chef laid down the challenge, I rose to meet it. I just did it perfectly in 180 seconds. I admit it took a few tries.

  3. Here is a little gem from your Mom’s journal (I transcribed a bit today.)

    August 23, 1981. Noelle isn’t going to be able to conceal the fact that she is a girl much longer. She is developing a very cute figure and she has always had a delightful vivacious personality.

    Now perhaps I’ll take the time to try this game…

  4. First try: score 90.19; average miss 11 miles; time 297 (I even had to leave the computer to get a train set down for Roderic). Fun and addicting. Thanks, Noelle.

  5. Ok I Am a little confused I don’t know how fast I did this in but I am confused you leave a nice little note on holly blog but mine?

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