Rachel’s Christmas Present

I have been looking for something like this for over a year and a half. Unfortunately, they’re expensive, so I’ve been keeping my eye on Craig’s List. Finally, serendipitously, a friend posted that she was getting rid of some things as she prepared to move this summer, and was selling this for the same price she bought it for at a yard sale – $30. New it costs $350, so I was ecstatic to make this find, and it became Rachel’s “Santa” present this year (with the stipulation that she share with Gabi when Gabi is a little bigger).

Yesterday was very wet, and besides we spent the whole day at Jeff’s parents’ house, so this afternoon Jeff took Rachel outside to play with her new present. Do you think she liked it?

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  1. Right as Rachel closed that door she squealed. I stopped the camera to early. And then the the camera's card got full on the last clip. But I think we all got the idea 🙂

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