Random thoughts on a June day

When I was in the hospital, and was looking for something to worry about, my favorite thing was how I would manage two small children, especially when it was time to feed Gabi. For the most part I was right, it is my most challenging time, although to be honest it isn’t usually as bad as I thought it would be. This morning, however, it was pretty nice. Planning is everything. Feeding time was coming up, and Rachel was occupying herself with playing with some of the food in the pantry. I didn’t think it would last forever, though, so I prepared the computer with her little game that she got for Christmas last year from her Aunt Trish, and I put a few of her books on the sofa next to me. It worked perfectly. After she was done with the food she came over to the computer and enjoyed it for a while, then she joined me on the couch, sprawled across the cushions and read her books. By the time she was done, so was I.

Rachel is such a great big sister. Gabi was in the bouncy seat, and she started crying. Rachel came over to her, gave her a kiss, patted her head, and tried to give her the pacifier. She is so sweet. I love my girls.

We got Rachel a tricycle. It arrived today. Paul Teutul Jr. doesn’t have anything on me (American Chopper reference), I assembled the trike with a baby strapped to by chest. I did it during Rachel’s nap, so when she woke up she had a fun surprise. She really enjoyed it a lot.

The trike is good, but so is the box it came in.

This is what Gabi thought of all the excitement.

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