Busy Weekend

Friday – Gabi turned 6 weeks old, and Jeff and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. That evening Brian and Amber came over and watched Rachel and Gabi, and Jeff and I went out to dinner. Then we bought a dining room table and four chairs from some friends who are moving away. The timing was perfect, as our chairs were breaking down pretty bad, and we needed new ones. So now we have them. They are perfect.

Saturday evening we went to a get together to say good-bye to the same friends who are moving away that we got the table and chairs from. It was a very nice evening with friends, and the several kids that were there were very well behaved, and played together very nicely. The grown ups played Mario Kart and Guitar Hero on the Wii.

Sunday (today) we went to a NICU reunion. I guess that every year the NICU has a reunion where the little kids and their families get together. They had Graeter’s Ice Cream, face painting, dress-up, an inflatable bouncy toy. The guest of honor (Gabi) didn’t really fully appreciate the party, but she did get lots of compliments for being so cute. Rachel had a lot of fun, but she didn’t like waiting in line so much. She had her face painted, she dressed up as a cheerleader and got her picture taken, she played in bubbles, she played in the inflatable bouncy, she ate ice cream and she drank (or rather spilled on herself) an entire water bottle. She puts her upper lip around the lid, but her lower lip inside the lid. That’s kind of opposite of how it’s supposed to be done. The result was a very wet front. She didn’t care, though. After all, it was pretty hot. When we got home she got a bath, and she liked that too.

You can see in the picture that Rachel has blue lips. That is from the lollipop she got when she had her face painted.

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  1. The table looks so good! I'm so glad you guys were the ones to buy it. It makes feel good to know a friend has it, you know? (Im weird, huh!?) I'm so glad we got to see you Saturday night. I want to say goodbye to you, what's your schedule like tomorrow? Maybe we can stop by before we leave? Let me know.

  2. I love that you and I have the same anniversary! Congrats on five years! I'm talking to my mom about going to Gabi's baby blessing. The main problem is that Jason's family has a reunion that same weekend and his mom is putting pressure on us to go. We'll have to see. If we can't go then, I would love to try for another time!

  3. Happy anniversary! and thank you again, Jeff, for fixing our blog for me. Rachel is too cute as a cheerleader! Are you getting her ready for cheerleader camp? : )

  4. I'm diggin' the new table. And I am still in shock at the pic or Rachel as a cheerleader–never thought I would ever see you dress her up as a cheerleader. . . Her blue lips are as cute as ever. 🙂

  5. I didn't dress her up. I wasn't in charge of the booth. Anyway, I am realizing that regardless of my desires, Rachel is a girlie girl. She loves pink, she loves clothes, she loves shoes.

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