Reverently, Quietly

A week ago I went to the Relief Society activity of the LaGrange Ward. My mother-in-law is the RS president there, and she invited me. It was pretty relevant because the activity was making quiet books for children of a range of ages to be educational, to help them learn the gospel and be reverent, or at least quiet during Sacrament Meeting.

They distributed CDs with several things to make, plus they provided the materials to make a couple of them there. I’m usually pretty horrible when it comes to making anything crafty, no matter how easy, but I was motivated on this one, and I managed to complete several quiet file folder activities.

I still have several more things to put together, but I’m planning on doing that tomorrow when I have access to my mother-in-law’s photo printer. Maybe I’ll be able to post more pictures of them when they’re done.

After I finished the bulk of my project yesterday I told Rachel that we were going to take them to church. She has been asking to go to church ever since. I would like to guarantee that my girls will be reverent, or at least quiet tomorrow at church, but I am not so bold as to make that promise. What I do guarantee is that we will at least have more tools at our disposal to help them not disrupt the meeting too much.

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