Two Kids Are Better Than One

With one kid, you might think that parenting isn’t that hard. Oh yeah, it’s hard, no doubt, but you are at least matched one against one. It’s not impossible to pretty much keep your eye on an only child (at least when they are little). With two kids, that changes.

After dinner today it was time for a bath. Rachel finished her dinner before Gabi, so she went downstairs to watch “The Swan Princess.” I stayed with Gabi while she finished eating. When Gabi was done I took her upstairs to the bathroom and started running some water in the tub, then went downstairs to retrieve Rachel. Rachel made the very reasonable request that I carry her upstairs upside down. Sure, why not. When I got back up to the bathroom I found Gabi, fully clothed, sitting in the water in the bathtub. Not wanting to miss capturing the moment, I left her there and went downstairs again to grab my phone to take a quick picture.

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