Scout Loves the Snow! The Ice – Not So Much

It started snowing yesterday at around 4:00 p.m. By nightfall there was a pretty good layer of snow (around 4 inches). The forecast indicated that over night the temperature would go up (that’s weird!), and then we would get sleet and freezing rain, so I knew that if I wanted to enjoy some nice snow, we would have to play in it before we went to bed. After Rachel went down for the night, I took Scout outside. He loves the snow, but we don’t get much opportunity to enjoy it, so I wanted to take advantage of our chance. He romped and played, and had a great time.

Scout had to get dried off before he could come back in the house.
The sleet/freezing rain started around 11:3o pm or so. By morning there was a nice 1/4 inch sheet of ice on top of the snow. When I took Scout outside in the morning to do his business (Did you realize that Scout has his own business?), first he couldn’t get out the doggie door. He is used to the plastic just magically making way for his royal highness, but this time it didn’t move. With (very) little effort I kicked the ice out of the way and out he went. Scout has a weight problem, as in he doesn’t weigh enough. He often didn’t break through the ice, so he just slipped around. When he tried to step, especially with his bad leg that really doesn’t support any of his weight he slipped and slid. When he tried to make a corner, he skidded off his feet. It didn’t seem to bother him, though, because all during breakfast he kept asking to go out (as he does every morning when we’re eating breakfast).

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