Sweet and Memorable Moments

Last night I shared the sweetest time with Rachel. She had been kind of cranky all day, mostly because she was tired, but couldn’t seem to get a good long nap in. She kept waking up after 30 – 45 minutes, and she needs a least one nap that is 1 1/2 hours or more. She finally got it kind of later in the day. At night when it was time for her to go to bed I had her all wrapped up like she likes, and was just sitting on my bed cuddling with her. Her right arm was tucked under my left arm, but her left arm was free. With her free arm she touched my neck, my chest, my chin and my mouth. Just soft gentle touching. It was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky and blessed I am to have Rachel as my daughter. Even as I sit here typing this I am welling up with tears. I love her so much.

I thought I’d just throw in one picture. Here she is during her bath time. I was trying to give her a shampoo mohawk, but her hair on top is so long that it kept falling over. It is now my quest to give her the most awesome shampoo mohawk ever. I’ll keep you informed of my progress, don’t you worry about that!

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  1. Isn’t it funny how moments like that are SO incredible, but trying to explain them just never comes out sounding as incredible as it is. When I got home Jericho was doing the same thing, just snuggling with me and touching parts of my face over and over again. Yup. They think we are pretty awesome, huh!

  2. Noelle. I took both this pic of Rachel and the one below that I like better (in her bouncy seat with a great big smile) and edited the pictures. Rachel no longer has red eyes. Also, in this post, she’s *slightly* more modest.

  3. and these moments just keep on coming. i could have “a-bunch-of-bad-thougths” to my little man today, and while laying on the bed together it was all forgotton as we embraced and fell asleep. those tender moments keep me going.

  4. I love when Ian does that! He does that whenever he is nursing. (it is a great reminder of when i have to clip his nails). Aubrynn never did that. Ian is my snuggler. I, too, love those moments. And then i think of how fast they will grow up and how much i will miss that moment.

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