Summer Living

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to cool off a bit in the pool. I put the slide in the pool to add to the fun. Rachel thought it was pretty cool and enjoyed the pool sliding. I wanted to take a movie of it to share, but unfortunately Rachel is no longer content being the subject of photography, and now wants to be the family photographer. In the first movie you can see that when she realized that the camera was running, she quit her sliding project and tried to take over the filming.

After I was able to distract her away from the camera she returned to swimming and sliding. This time I was smart and I filmed her out of her line of sight and we were successful.

I took Gabi back to the pediatrician today to check her weight. She had not been gaining enough, so I started supplementing her nursing with a bottle a week and a half ago. Well, it worked. Gabi now weighs in at 6 lbs 8.5 oz. She gained 13.5 oz. since her last visit 8 days ago. That’s pretty good.

While we were at the doctor’s office, Gabi got a shot. Thanks to my friend Holly I had the perfect antidote to her crying. I was ready to feed her immediately, so she only cried for just a few seconds. Like me, food makes her feel better. See the band aid on her skinny little leg?

See it better now?

Yesterday I got a few gifts for Gabi from some of the women in my barbershop chorus (Pride of Kentucky). A couple of them included gifts for Rachel too, so now I have two matching outfits for Rachel and Gabi. I showed Rachel’s to her this morning, and she wanted to wear it right away, so I let her. I wanted to wait until Sunday so she could wear it to church, but I figured they could wear them again on Sunday.

The second outfit is actually just a shirt. Rachel’s should fit her right away, but Gabi’s won’t fit her for a few more months.

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  1. I LOVE the strawberry outfits–so summery! Thanks for making me a momentary celebrity in your blog–I am glad that trick worked well for you!!! I think it is hilarious that you had to take HIDDEN video. TOO funny. And I am, of course, thrilled that Gabi is gaining weight.

  2. That is a cute story about her crying for a second and eating takes away the pain! so true!
    Love their matching outfits! They look so cute! And dont you just hate it when your bum sticks to the slide!?!

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