After the test results yesterday I was feeling pretty confident that I would be going home. Then last night when I was on the monitors I was contracting like crazy. They gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop the labor.

This morning I had an ultrasound. They got me up at 7:30 for it. What’s up with that? Anyway, they measured the baby at 2 lbs 11 oz. Still a little on the small side for being born, but she’s a good size for her age. They measured my cervix at 2.4 cm. That is 1 mm shorter than the minimum considered to be safe. I no longer felt confident that I would be going home.

My doctor came to see me at around 12:30, and said I can go home, but I have to go to the doctor’s office every week. It’s just as well, because that will be my only excursion out of my house for a while. Her words were “hard core bed rest.” She said I can’t even get up to make myself a sandwich. (I can get up to use the bathroom and take a 5 minute shower, but that’s it.)

I am very glad to be able to go home and be with my family again. I have missed them a lot since I have been here.

My doctors have warned me that if I end up back in the hospital again, that’s it. This is a one strike and you’re out situation. I’ll be back in for the duration. So I promised to be good. As time goes on they will probably remove a few restrictions, but for now I am on strict bed rest until 36 weeks. That is 8 more weeks from now. (Today I am 28 weeks – an important milestone.)

So that’s my big news. I hope it all works out.

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  1. Congrats on getting to go home… even if you won’t see much of it 🙂 At least you’ll be in a little more comfortable environment. We’re praying for you and Gaby.

    Rachel and Jeff will be thrilled.

  2. So glad you passed, um, I mean failed, that test and you get to be home. You are doing some very hard work and I admire the great attitude you have about it.

  3. Ok, so you come home from the hospital, and suddenly, there is no blog update any more. . . it is very unfair to write everyday and then leave me hanging!!!! I need more Noelle-happenings. Yes, I am an addict to your blog. . .

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