Swimming Lessons and some other items.

Rachel started taking swimming lessons at the YMCA yesterday. She was in the group for children ages 3-5. Each child took a swimming test to place them at the appropriate level. Rachel really did a great job. She loves swimming. Okay, when it comes to listening and following directions maybe she wasn’t exactly perfect, but all things considered she did great.Sorry for the horrible pictures. My blackberry does not impress me with its camera. Next time I’ll bring my real camera (if I remember) and get some better pictures then.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Lexington to Jeff’s sister Trish’s house. The recently completed their basement, and they had a combined open house/birthday party for their daughter, for Brian (Jeff’s brother) and Amber (Brian’s wife), all of whom celebrate birthday’s within the same week. Anyway, the new basement is BEAUTIFUL. Rachel and Gabi had a really good time. They have a work-out room with a heavy punching bag. Rachel and Gabi enjoyed beating up on the punching bag.
A few more pictures: Last Monday on our way to piano lessons, Rachel fell asleep in the car.

At the home of our student, Gabi managed to acquire a red vine licorice. Her clown lips are evidence of her enjoyment.
That evening we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Brian’s birthday party. That was my first time ever going there. Rachel and Gabi both enjoyed it a lot, and Rachel professed her love for Chuck E. Cheese for the next few days.

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