They couldn’t save his ears

Yesterday I took Scout to the groomer for a haircut. This was his first haircut since the end of last summer. His hair was getting very long, and I have to admit it was also getting pretty matted. What can I say, with toddlers around, the dog just doesn’t get the attention he used to. I haven’t hardly brushed him at all. For one thing, he doesn’t like it, and makes it kind of a hard job, and for another thing, I’ve been emotionally depleted with all of the rain. It is taking all of my energy away.

When I went in to pick Scout up in the late afternoon, the girl at the desk said “we couldn’t save his ears or his tail.” My first thought (which I did verbalize) was “what, did you have to amputate his ears and his tail?” Turns out all that meant was that they cut his hair totally short everywhere. They did leave some long hair on the end of his tail (which looks kind of silly, actually). I’m glad. I think he looks cute.

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