The Storm

On Tuesday night we had some severe weather come through. After the fact I found out that 11 tornadoes touched down in the area (Kentuckiana). Fortunately, we came through the entire ordeal unscathed.

As it was approaching midnight we saw that there was a tornado warning for our county. We brought the girls out of their room (upstairs) and brought them into our room (downstairs) to ride out the storm. Rachel slept the entire time. Jeff carried her down to our room and she slept like a rock. He put her in our bed and she didn’t move. Gabi, on the other hand, was very upset to have her sleep disrupted. She refused to be held, and she flopped around on our bed, so much that I was getting worried that she would fall off the bed. She didn’t, but I worried. (That’s what I do.) At 1:00 the worst of the storm had passed, so we brought the girls back upstairs to their room. Gabi took a little while to settle back down, but pretty soon she was back asleep. Rachel slept as Jeff carried her to her room, but within 5 minutes she came back downstairs and said “Excuse me, I don’t have any room.” (Meaning she needed some room in our bed.) I was too tired to make her go back upstairs, so I let her climb in bed. I meant to wait until she fell back asleep, then take her to her room, but I fell asleep, so she spent the rest of the night in our bed.

The best news of all, we didn’t lose our power.

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