The Creek

A week ago Wednesday Rachel and Gabi and I had the opportunity to go wading in a creek near by a friend’s house. It was pretty fun.

The next day after their naps I took the girls to a park. We brought Rachel’s bike so she could ride around the path.
Just as we were arriving a local field hockey team ran by us. Rachel said “hi,” but all of the girls ignored her. That made Rachel sad, so when a couple of ladies walked by Rachel said “nobody will play with me.” It was so tragic! Anyway, we proceeded around the bike path with Rachel riding her bike, me walking and Gabi alternating between walking and being carried. A little past the halfway point the field hockey team ran past us again, and Rachel again tried to get someone to say hi to her, but they didn’t.

As we nearly completed our circuit, we came across the field hockey team doing some callisthenics. Rachel boldly joined them and did lunges with them. She didn’t seem to be too much in their way, so I let her stay. Pretty soon Rachel started tagging along with the assistant coach, and she participated in quite a bit of the practice.

As the afternoon wore on I texted Jeff to find out what time he was planning on being home. By the time I had contacted him he had already been home for a half an hour. The girls did not seem inclined to want to leave, so Jeff picked up a bucket of chicken from KFC and joined us at the park.

After we ate and played some more we took the girls to the woods which had a creek running through it, so we had the chance to do some more wading in the creek. It was really a wonderful afternoon and evening.

I realized that we might spend a lot of time playing in the creek this summer, so I decided to buy the girls some water shoes to protect their little feet from the sharp rocks. On Friday we went to Walmart and bought some. I got some for me too. As we were on our way home Gabi fell asleep in the car. That is pretty unusual for her, so it should have given me a heads up, but it didn’t. Rachel fell asleep too, but for her that’s not as much of a surprise. Anyway, we went home and I put them down for their naps, and when they woke up I gave them lunch. Gabi didn’t eat much, which was a little unusual, although as she is approaching 2 years old she is getting a little more unpredictable. I still didn’t recognize any warning signs. After that we went to the house of a friend for the kids to play. While we were there I was holding Gabi, and before I knew it, she threw up all over me. And all over the dining room floor of my friend. We got her cleaned up, but she seemed okay. Rachel and my friend’s little boy were playing Hungry Hippo, and Gabi meandered around, occasionally being held by me, occasionally lying on the floor, occasionally playing. I was holding her again, and again she threw up all over me. I finally decided that we had caused enough havoc and mayhem at my friend’s house, so we packed up and went home.

I am happy to say that by the very next morning Gabi was totally fine again.

On Monday afternoon we headed back to the park again. This time we were armed with our water shoes, so we headed to the creek for some wading. Two mallard ducks swam past, so that was pretty fun. After a little while we decided to go for a walk. I don’t know how far we walked. That was our first exploration along those paths, but the girls walked for a solid hour. They were both pretty wiped out by the time we were done.

Aside from Gabi’s unfortunate emesis, it was a very nice week.

Gabi loves balls – so much that she gave that ball a ride on the swing.

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