Today Gabi is 6 months old

Wow! It has been six months already. Am I the only one for whom time is flying so rapidly? Anyway, Gabi is six months old. She is so cute and is doing extremely well. She has been able to roll over for quite some time, but doesn’t do it too often. Last night, however, we were able to catch her in the act on film, so for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Gabi rolling over.

Yesterday evening I noticed that Rachel was feeling a bit warm, so I checked her temperature, and sure enough, she had a low grade fever (about 101.8ยบ). I gave her some medicine to bring down the fever, gave her a bath, gave her plenty of fluids. Other than a while when she was kind of droopy, her behavior has been completely normal, including her appetite, so I am not too worried, yet. I’m hoping that it is nothing and she gets better very soon. Meanwhile, I can’t for the life of me figure out how she could possibly have gotten sick. It’s not like she goes outside and plays in the leaves in nothing but her diaper or anything. Oh, wait, maybe she does.

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  1. Okay, I knew yours and Jeff's voices. Who else was there? Was that Jeff's mom? I couldn't tell if Gabie wasn't sure of her rolling abilities, or if she was just teasing. I'm so glad you were able to get it all on film. She is too adorable! and so is Rachel. is it actually warm enough for her to be running around outside in a diaper?

  2. That was Faline and Keturah. Rachel thought it was plenty warm to be outside in just her diaper. I chose to wear all my clothes, though. It actually was pretty nice day.

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