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Gabi is getting pretty skilled at holding the bottle by herself. As of yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) she can now even get it to her mouth on her own. Once it comes out she can’t get it back, but she is definitely making progress!

Not wanting to be left out, Rachel wanted to share a few of the words she knows. She can say a lot more than just what is demonstrated here, but it was early in the morning (for her anyway), so I just got a few favorites.

I think Gabi will be getting mobile in the not too far distant future. She can roll over, but she doesn’t do it much. What she is doing is rotating. When I put her down for tummy time, it doesn’t take her long to rotate 180ยบ.

Gabi has her six-month check-up coming up next week on Tuesday, so I’m putting up a poll so you can guess her weight. I’ll try to not have a flaw in the poll this time.

One of Gabi’s favorite things to do is to sit up. Unfortunately she can’t quite do it by herself for too long, so I need to have plenty of padding to protect her from when she inevitably falls. Even when she is in her bouncy seat, she pulls herself into a sitting position. She completely pulls her head and shoulders off the seat, and will often rest somewhat on one arm.

When I was in Nashville my sister Faline put together matching outfits for all of us to wear as we sang together in the Family Chorus. Here is Rachel modeling the earrings that went with the outfit.

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  1. Hey! I haven't checked-in with you in a long time. Looks like you've been keeping busy and your kids have been growing! Wow. I can't believe Rachel is two…and that baby – what a beauty! I love that she's trying to sit up already and those cute first words coming out of Rachel. Darling. And, congrats on your barbershop competition. Will you be posting any video from your performances on your blog. I'd love to hear you sing. We should've done more of that together when we were roomies. I would love to find a singing group around her to possibly join. Mothering keeps be pretty busy, but an outlet like that would be very therapeutic.

  2. I can't post my chorus because it violates copyright laws. ๐Ÿ™ Anyway, where do you live? I'm sure that somewhere reasonably near you can find a chorus like mine. Don't you live somewhere around Salt Lake City? If so, they have a chorus there called Mountain Jubilee. My sister sings with them. If you want more information give me a call. I'll e-mail you my phone number.

    Here is the website for Mountain Jubilee Chorus.

    I love singing with my chorus. It is definitely my musical niche. I'm not a big fan of the make-up and costumes, but the awesome harmony makes the sacrifice worth it.

    Anyway, good to hear from you.

  3. I just watched the videos of Rachel and Gabi. They are so adorable! Are you going to let us bring Rachel to the Princess Boutique at Disney next year so we can get her all dolled up? Oh, please say yes!

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