Today Rachel is 17 months old

Unfortunately I haven’t had much interaction with Rachel this past week. One thing I know is going on with her is her communication skills have really increased a lot lately. I’m waiting for some pictures of Rachel from Jeff to keep the photographic record of her up-to-date. I’ll post them as soon as I can.

My status. I debate with myself how much detail I should share here. I mean, maybe you’re not interested at all, but the thing is if I post it here, I (hopefully) don’t have to repeat myself too many times as people ask me questions. So if you would rather not know, skip this part.

My doctor came to see me this morning. I would like to take this time to say that I have really liked all of the doctors from my practice who have cared for me. The practice is fairly large, with six doctors, and so far they have all been great. I admit that I have been kind of scared with this whole pregnancy thing, but they have all been very supportive, caring and helpful. So applause to the doctors of Total Women.

Anyway, my doctor came to see me, and we chatted for a few minutes. There are two conditions that I have shown symptoms of. One is preterm labor, and the other is incompetent cervix. (Just one more area of incompetence in my life!) One can cause the other, and the situations overlaps. The thing is, they don’t know what came first. It is greatly to Baby Gaby’s benefit for me to be able to carry her to at least 28 weeks. Before that she could survive or not, but even if she survived the risks of health complications is greatly increased. So the most important work I can do is stay in bed and gestate.

I feel bad for both Jeff and Rachel because, well, for one thing, I miss them, and second of all, Jeff has been thrown unexpectedly into the role of a single father, juggling caring for Rachel, keeping up with his job, and giving me attention. I don’t want to demand too much of his time, but hey, what can I say, he likes me and wants to see me on occasion. So for all the people who ask me what they can do for me, please take care of Jeff and Rachel. That will set my mind greatly at ease while I while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain. And my head I’d be a scratchin’ while my thoughts are busy hatching’ if I only had a brain. But I digress.

They started me on steroids today. The reason they gave me was to help baby Gaby’s lungs develop so that if she does come early, she will have as many advantages as possible. Of course there is also the possibility that they hope to make me stronger and faster so that I can have a career in major league baseball. I got a shot this morning, and I get another one tomorrow.

So here’s a funny story that happened today. I didn’t think it was funny, but I’m sure you will get a laugh. Early this morning, before breakfast, I wanted a drink of water. Bear in mind that I’m lying down, the cup I was pouring into is Styrofoam, and therefore I can’t see the water level, but I thought I had plenty of room. Yeah, I didn’t. I ended up pouring the water all over my chest. COLD!!!!!! Then a few minutes later, I tilted the cup towards my mouth to access the straw, but I missed, and poured more water on my chest. It was chilly.

Well, I look forward to reading the masses of comments that I’m sure you will all leave, and seeing your beautiful faces as you come to visit me. Is my hint subtle enough so that I don’t come across as pathetically desperate?

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  1. so i was one probably pretty annoying on facebook, because I was like, “what’s wrong?” the last person to know anything. So I had this brilliant idea to visit your blog. I am so glad that you like your doctors. That is so important. and FYI, I can’t cook, but an happy to provide a papa johns dinner any night that would be fitting for hubby and baby! – jessica mortenson

  2. I would love nothing better than to be there with you Noelle. Can we send you a good DVD or book? What would you like? We will call you to keep you company as much as we can. We love you!

  3. Fine, I can’t visit, but I can and do pray for you. I also love your updates so please keep them coming! And for the record, the water story is pretty darn funny. Funny because it didn’t happen to me!

  4. Just got word of you being in the hospital! I will try to pop by and see you! Take care of you and Gaby, well, let the doctors & nurses take care of you all and let others take care of Jeff & Rachel! I know it will be hard to do but it will be well worth it! 🙂

  5. Noelle, the water story is funny. at least you can still be funny! No one can take that away from you! you just lie there and gestate (as you put it) each day is a day further! Love you!

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