Today Rachel is 23 months old

I can’t believe it. In one more month Rachel will be two years old. Wow! Time has really flown by. That is it flies when it’s not dragging.

Rachel is wearing fingernail and toenail polish. And guess who painted her nails. Me. That’s right. I painted Rachel’s fingernails and toenails. Back when I was in the hospital, Holly came from Idaho to visit me. She was charged to paint my toenails by Marlene, who provided the polish. I resisted, and Holly relented. A few weeks later Marlene came to visit. She tried to paint my nails too. I resisted again. I think Marlene was ticked off with me, but I hope she is happy to know that the fingernail polish that she provided was put to good use.

Yesterday I went to Wal Mart. As I walked in some guy came up to me and said “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nancy McKeon?” I told him that actually I have been told that before. He said, “I didn’t know you had a baby.” I wonder if he thought I actually am Nancy McKeon. I’m not.

I took Rachel for a walk tonight. Jeff stayed home with Gabi, feeding her the supplement bottle. Rachel started out in her dress-up shoes and baby doll stroller. After a while she took off the shoes. (I imagine they are not too comfortable for a long walk.) Then she stopped pushing the stroller, but still kept on walking. Rachel came across some stones, and really liked them, so she held on to two of them. After a short while she didn’t want to hold them anymore, so she handed them to me. I didn’t particularly want to hold them either, so I showed her how to put them in her pocket. She really liked that. The bad news is that from now on I probably will have to check her pockets every time I do laundry. Finally Rachel got tired of walking too, so I put her on my shoulders, and we came home.

Here’s Rachel after having an ice cream (a dilly bar from Dairy Queen)

Rachel was feeding the dog (meaning she took Scout’s food and put it in his water).
If you look closely you can see her red fingernails.

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