Today Rachel turned 11 months old.

Amazing. Rachel is 11 months old today. It is hard to believe that time has flown so quickly. I have got to say that Rachel has been, and still is, a great joy in our lives. She is so sweet, so beautiful, and has a personality that doesn’t stop. The past 11 months have been quite a learning experience for me too. Who knew babies could be so much fun, so much work, so much joy, so much worry, all at the same time.

Rachel seems so close to walking. She has a little car that she can use to help her walk by herself. A couple of nights ago Rachel was pacing back and forth the basement floor. Space was limited. Just five or six steps got her across the room. She probably went back and forth at least 20 times.

This morning we walked up the sidewalk. She walked the entire distance width of our front yard, and about a quarter of the way back.

So I have added two poll questions. Question #1: Will Rachel walk before she turns 1? Question #2: Narrow it down to a specific week.

You might think I have an advantage because I see what she is doing now, but I have no idea how quickly kids progress from one phase to the next. So please vote.

On another note, we made BLTs last week. (Yummy!) We even made one for Rachel. We custom made hers just for a baby.

She liked it.

6 Replies to “Today Rachel turned 11 months old.”

  1. Yes, I think she will walk the week of her bday! (lucky guess, all my girls did that )
    A BLT sounds so good right now. Rachels looks pretty tasty too.
    Was a cute thing! It has been fun watching her grow!

  2. You didn’t mention how she did circles around a group of young men and women at mutual last night. She was going all over the place on that gym floor. I was concerned the car would get away from her and she’d fall on her face. But she didn’t. It seems some of us start life walking with a walker and we end life walking with a walker, hehe.

  3. You are so great with your post of Rachel. It is fun to see your love and admiration for her through your blog. Thanks for sharing all of your joys as a mother.

    She has such a sweet smile!

  4. Noelle,
    I loved the way Rachel cleaned up her kitchen – she took the plate off her stove so it all looked clean, and then walked on! It was adorable!

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