It’s never to early to start piano lessons. Here Rachel and I are enjoying a pre-breakfast rendition of chopsticks. played two parts (the familiar chopsticks song with my right hand, and the traditional oom pah pah harmony with my left hand), while Rachel played a higher harmony. I’ve got to say that her part was unique. I don’t know where she learned it from. Maybe since she is so recently come from heaven she became acquainted with some great composers, and she picked up her part from one of them. Either that or she improvised it herself. I don’t know, and she’s not telling me.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry.

Our normal breakfast routine is I feed Rachel her cereal while Jeff eats his cereal, and then we read the scriptures while Rachel drinks from her bottle. We usually need to take advantage of the time Rachel gives us, because if she is not occupied with her bottle, she can be a bit of a hindrance to our reading. Of course this morning I dilly dallied and talked while Rachel was already drinking from her bottle, so she was finished before we were even partially done with one chapter. Fortunately Rachel was in an exceptionally good mood this morning, so I was able to put her on the floor where she entertained herself quite well. She went over to Jeff and pulled up on his legs, and of her own accord she let go and stood up by herself. This is notable because before today the only times she stood on her own was when I stood her up and let go of her. This time, though, she stood herself up and let go herself. What a big girl.

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  1. I have a little story to share with you about heaven-sent teaching. When Nicholas was about 4 years old, he sat down at the piano and started to play Fur Elise. Now mind you, I had never played it for him before, and I had no knowledge of him hearing the song anywhere. So we asked him how he knew the song, and he told us that Grandma taught it to him in his dreams. Isn’t that neat?

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