Too Much Excitement

This morning Dr. Alumbaugh came in to see me. She was concerned that I have been having so many contractions lately. She decided to test me to see if I had a UTI, which could be the cause. So I was tested, but it came back negative. Turns out my uterus is still to blame.

And today was no different. During my morning monitoring session I was contracting again. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bad enough that they decided to hit me with another shot of terbutaline. Can you get addicted to that stuff? I can’t seem to make it through a day without it anymore. I have had at least one shot every day since (and including) Friday. As long as it works to stop my labor it’s okay, and so far it seems to be working fine.

Yesterday on her way home from Grandma’s, Rachel threw up. (Sorry about your car Grandma!) Jeff decided to stay home with her in the morning to see how her tummy would last, and then send her to her little friend’s house in the afternoon, but then she threw up again right before she went to bed. We decided that Rachel should spend the whole day at home. I didn’t really want Jeff to have to miss an entire day of work, so I found a friend who didn’t have small children who could watch Rachel in the afternoon. Hopefully she will be all better, and be back to her traveling ways tomorrow.

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  1. SO, do you get a nice buzz from all these shots?! Ha,ha. Poor Rayray. It’s gotta be hard to be sick and going everywhere. We’re proud of you for everyday you’re able to hold off on delivery! 🙂

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