32 Weeks

Today I achieved the milestone of reaching 32 weeks. If I would not have gone home before, I would be going home today. But I’m not. To commemorate the 32 week milestone I had an ultrasound this morning. Okay, it wasn’t really to commemorate anything, but the doctor ordered it, so I went.

Things I learned because of the ultrasound:
1. Baby Gaby will not be a bald baby. She has a lot of hair. Any guesses as to the color?
2. Baby Gaby weighs 3 lbs. 15 oz. That measures at 31 weeks 6 days, so basically right on track.

Today makes 1 week since my return to the hospital. Two (who am I kidding? more likely four) weeks to go until I get to go home again – if I last that long.

Dr. Schweichler came to see me this morning. She didn’t really have anything new to tell me. She did say that it is great that I’ve made it to 32 weeks. Do you realize this whole thing started 10 weeks ago tomorrow?

I get my progesterone shot today. I used to get it Wednesday nights, but things got switched up with my brief hiatus at home. Now I get it Monday mornings. So at 10:00 (or so) you can think kind thoughts. Speaking of shots, I have gotten 5 shots of terbutaline since Friday. Two on Friday, two on Saturday, and one yesterday (Sunday). Can you say “pincushion?”

These pictures are from a couple of days ago – Saturday. Rachel and Jeff came to visit me, and were here when my lunch arrived. Rachel saw that giant rice krispie treat, and made herself right at home. Jeff ate some of it too. Thankfully they left some for me.

4 Replies to “32 Weeks”

  1. Haha, that is quite a big rice krispie. You’re looking hawt, Noelle! I think the weary-hospital-look is rubbing off on you!
    Love you,

  2. I am jealous of Rachel and that fantastic looking rice krispie treat! Not as jealous of you–I have had enough fun being a human pin cushion, that i don’t envy that at all. At least they don’t leave the needle in there and twist it round and round for what seemed like an eternity! You look happy with Rachel. That makes me smile. Happy 32 weeks, my dear. 🙂

  3. You’ve made it this far, Noelle. Yea! Some day you will look back on this and say “wow, what an experience!”(or something to that effect!) I love you! I have a half-day tomorrow – I’ll call you after lunch. You’re not going anywhere, are you? 🙂

  4. HA! The real reason you’re back in the hospital comes out! You just couldn’t settle for the smaller rice krispie treats I got you, huh? I have to admit, it does look pretty tastey! 🙂

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