Ultrasound Results

I had my ultrasound appointment today. It was a Level 2 ultrasound, which involves looking in much more detail to look for markers of chromosome disorders. There were none found, so that’s good. The possibility for disorders still exists, but it is now much less.

The baby was pretty active during the ultrasound, and by the time the doctor came in, the baby was flipped so that she couldn’t see the heart as well as she would have liked. (She indicated that the images were “suboptimal.” I like that word.) So I’m going back in a month to try for a better look at the heart. The tech looked at the heart quite a lot. 141 bpm. The baby’s weight is 13 oz., which is normal at this point.

So the real reason you are reading this is to find out the sex of the baby. Well, I know what it is anyway. Just kidding, I’ll tell. It’s a girl.

Jeff and I have agreed on a name for a girl. It is Gabriela. We still don’t have a middle name chosen. All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Yeah! I guessed right. Little girls are the best! OK. I may be a little biased… :o)
    Don’t have any great middle name suggestions yet, but you’ll need to be careful of initials. Nothing starting with an “A” for this child… Have fun choosing!

  2. Yay! You are having a girl, Trish told me. I guess the next one will be a boy.

    And I think Katie is a great addition to Gabriela…or even Katherine….it’s a good solid name..and it’s my name! haha

    I’m very excited for your family! Hooray!

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