What goes up must come down.

Two weeks ago exactly Rachel started climbing up the stairs. Less than a week later she was able to climb the entire flight of stairs on her own. Her next trick was to climb almost to the top, then just hang out. Maybe go down a little, then go back up a little. She just didn’t want to arrive. So we started working on going down. We experimented with a lot of different approaches. Crawling backwards, sliding down on her seat, rolling down sideways (she came up with that one – I tried to discourage it). She finally settled on the crawling backwards approach. It is very disconcerting to watch. She sits down, then works her legs out from under her, then goes backwards. Today she went all the way down by herself. I stood there constantly ready to catch her because she looked several times like she would fall, but she didn’t. She went all the way on her own. I am not quite ready to let her have free and unfettered access to the stairs at all times, but she is definitely making progress.

Michelle came over to hang out for a bit before going to work out. Rachel got to show off what a big girl she is.

Here is another favorite picture. Let me give a little introductory information. It is Sunday morning. Jeff is at a home teaching appointment, so I’m on my own. I had worked overnight, so I am operating on very little sleep. I am trying to get ready early so that I can make it to choir practice. I’m feeding Rachel her lunch. Wisely I am feeding her with only her diaper on. Introduce carrots into the picture, and this is what you get.

There is easily much more carrots on her than in her. I gave up after about four spoonfuls.

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  1. Yummy! that pic is so funny! I just want to hold her (after she is washed off )
    Where did you work overnight? I need to know your every move, you know that!

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