Rachel is obviously the sweetest thing that was ever born. You can tell because the mosquitoes totally love her. She is being devoured by the little critters. Of course she has to have a couple of big bites right on her face. We hate subtlety in our house.

We went to the zoo on Monday. Rachel has gotten to a point where she really enjoys the zoo. We have been before, but she pretty much just passively sat as we strolled through the zoo, but now she really looks and reacts to what she sees. It is fun.

At the halfway point of the path around the zoo is a water park. We were prepared for it, because it was HOT! We enjoyed getting wet, and it made the second half of the walk more pleasant.

At the gorilla house Rachel made friends with a little girl. As we struck up a conversation, I learned that the other little girl was exactly Rachel’s same age, also born on September 22. The funny thing was that the other little girl weighs 14 lbs, while Rachel weighs 23 lbs. Of course we took pictures!

But let’s keep this size thing in perspective. Rachel is a lot smaller than a full grown gorilla!

By the end of our zoo trip, Rachel was completely out. I was pretty tired myself.

Rachel is the climbingest little monkey I have ever seen. (Is this a result of excessive time at the zoo? I don’t know.) Anyway, she can just about climb on anything. Piano bench? Easy. She just uses her old car seat to give her a step up. Laundry basket. Effortless. Couch? No problem.

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  1. Oh, poor little baby! So cute though. Those darn mosquitos! The zoo looked fun. My girls were always bigger than other girls too. The good thing is that averages out after they grow up.
    She is adorable! That tongue oh hers is always right there. She is a cutie-patutie!

  2. The picture with Rachel with the slobber coming down, well Lyssi can do that and suck it back up. What a talent! She’ll have to teach Rachel some day!

  3. Noelle, you are such a great mom. Rachel may not remember the zoo at this age, but she will always feel/know the relationship that you are building with her.

    It was great to chit chat with you at the zoo. I really do miss hearing all your “wisdom”/comments in relief society. I can’t wait for institute to begin and be fed there.

    Cute pictures and I hope that her bug bites are going away.

  4. Vitamin B and garlic are great natural mosquito repellents. You get the vitamin B by soaking wheat in water for about a day, then mixing the water in with whatever you give her to drink. I’m not sure how to get her to take garlic, but I eat whole roasted cloves. Sure makes my breath smell sweet and the mosquitos hate me.

  5. A great way to avoid mosquitos is to live in Colorado…very rare to see one & since we've been here never had a single bite! Love the tongue by the way…

  6. Thank you for the zoo tour! We’re hoping to go to the Bronx Zoo sometime before the end of the season. Michael says “Don’t be so sure that Rachel’s gonna grow as big as the gorilla”.

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