Baby’s Got Some Brand New Shoes

I have kept Rachel barefoot as long as weather permits, but it occurred to me the other day that as she spends more time on the floor, maybe a pair of shoes would be nice. Of course, following the directions in my handbook on raising a baby, a.k.a. “What To Expect the First Year” I wanted the shoes to be as soft and as much like barefoot as possible, so they have a really soft sole. They are pretty cute though. So here is my little foot model.

We went to the water park at the zoo yesterday with Grandma and her cousins Austin, Waveny and Grace. So here’s my little swimsuit model (with her cousins).

Thanks, Grandma, for taking us to the water park and the zoo.

Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Rachel enjoyed immensely her dinner of grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce, and topped it off with a pickle, which she still loves!

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  1. Hey Noelle,
    Rachel is very cute! Looks like you and Jeff are turning out to be great parents! Your record of her progress is a good read. She’ll love it when she gets older.

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