26 Weeks Today

I’m sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was just so busy. Seriously, I had visitors from 1:00 to 11:00 p.m. with only a couple hours break, during which I ate my dinner. Who knew that lying around doing nothing could take so much time?

One of the nurse’s aides suggested a plan for my finger sticks. Since I am right handed, she suggested leaving my right index finger, and both of my thumbs alone, since those are the most used fingers, and then following this pattern:

Sunday – right middle finger
Monday – right ring finger
Tuesday – right pinkie
Wednesday – left index finger
Thursday – left middle finger
Friday – left ring finger
Saturday – left pinkie

That gives each finger a week off. Of course each finger also has to tolerate four sticks per day. They are not that bad, but I still don’t have to guts to stick my own finger. Do you think I ever will?

So far all of my readings have been just fine. Most of them have actually been easily within the guidelines. The guidelines are after fasting, my blood sugar should be 95 or less. Two hours after meals my blood sugar should be 120 or less. My readings have mostly been in the 90s, but yesterday after lunch it was 120 exactly. That didn’t make me very happy. That’s barely passing, like getting a D-. Who wants that? Turns out the food people gave me more carbs than they should have. I’m still learning, so I ate more carbs than I should have. The nurse was not as bugged by my reading as I was.

Okay, here’s a funny story. Holly was here last night, and she excused herself to use the bathroom. We heard her laugh in the bathroom. Now when somebody laughs when they are in the bathroom, it makes you wonder what on earth is going on in there. When she came out she told us what happened. On the bathroom door is a sign talking about hand washing and the use of hand-sanitizing gel. Holly started reading it from the bottom to the top. The last thing it talks about is asking your child’s health-care provider if they used gel before touching the child. Holly immediately thought of hair gel, and worried, “I’ve used gel a thousand times with my kids. Did I cause any permanent damage?” Well, then she read the rest of the sign and realized that it was hand-sanitizing gel, and it was a good thing to use. We laughed so hard I almost went into labor. But don’t worry, I didn’t.

Today I achieved the milestone of 26 weeks. That’s good. I could get to go home in 2 more weeks. Of course I would still be on strict bed rest. They have made it clear to me that I would need to duplicate my hospital lifestyle at home. So we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Noelle, I wish you the very best with the finger sticks. I don’t know how Gayla ever did it with giving herself shots and testing herself every day. You’ll probably only need to do it for the remainder of your pregnancy(let’s hope!). Thankfully it’s you and not me – I’d faint!
    I love you!

  2. Noelle, I had gestational diabetes as well and when I was pregnant with Joseph. I was on a strict diet of whole grains, protien, veggies, moderate fruit and no sugar (although I did eat things with xylitol in it to get my sugar fix). I felt so healthy and good–it was amazing how much of a difference it made to change my diet! Mike and my doctor even said that my face looked more rosy and healthy! I tried to keep up the same diet after I had him, but the urgency was no longer there, so sadly, I have fallen… But I would like to get back on that same diet again some day… I hope things are well for you–we are always praying for you and thinking about you.

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