I have some news today after all.

I almost deliberately chose to not write anything today because seriously, nothing new was happening. I could write the same old stuff, but I wasn’t really in the mood. My doctor came however, and I now do have something to write about. (She came pretty late, almost 5:30, which means that unlike me her day was very busy. Lots and lots of babies today I guess.)

In order to tell this, I have to make a confession. I don’t like telling this part because I have really tried to keep a positive attitude all of the time, but I admit that these past few days have been kind of tough. I don’t think it is because of the diagnosis of gestational diabetes, but maybe I’m wrong. Who knows? Anyway I think the nurses thought that was why, and they told my doctor that I have been kind of down. My doctor wants me to retake the glucose tolerance test after a full three days of carb loading. (I just carb loaded for just one day last time, and that could possibly affect the outcome of the test.) I doubt that I will have a different result because, let’s face it, my diet is a little heavy on the carbs anyway. So I’m going to retake the test on Saturday, and in the meantime, no more finger sticking. It’s a good thing my snacks are still here. I’m going to have a cookie tonight. And some chocolate milk.

My doctor also told me that I can take a wheelchair ride every day. I have not seen the outside of this room in over two weeks. The last time I left this room was two weeks ago last Friday when I had my last ultrasound. She said there is a pavilion somewhere, and I will be able to enjoy a little fresh air and blue sky.

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  1. You are such “the woman.” I haven’t gotten up there for far too many reasons, but you have been in my prayers. 1 week 5 days until you get to go home.


  2. Yea Noelle! I am so glad for you that you can finally get some fresh air! and no more finger sticking too! keep up the positive attitude!

  3. I’m so glad you get to take it again! I will pray you pass! I am so happy you get to go outside, too… Wednesday is supposed to be WONDERFUL weather! You’re awesome, Noelle, let me know if you need anything. I’m just down the street. 🙂

  4. Thank goodness they are letting you out of your room. I think you should be getting a “walk” once every day. Your emotional health has to be a priority, to be expected to be in the hospital like you are!
    I’m happy for you! Try hard to think positive!

  5. Hang in there Noelle! This will all be over before you know it. Getting outside & some fresh air will certainly help…I've been there! Just keep thinking about that sweet baby that will be here soon. Wish I was there to help & visit!

  6. I’m glad you got outside yesterday! It was so beautiful out! So… I hear Jeff and Rachel are sick again?? This winter has been so hard on everyone! I hope the warm weather brings good health with it! We are all healthy now… finally! Would you mind if I stopped by to visit you this weekend?

  7. SOOOO—
    I am guessing that you are so busy cruising around in your wheelchair that you just havent gotten around to posting for two whole days. I am in major withdrawal mood. After seeing you four days in a row, I am craving Noelle information–when you write it is ALMOST like I am sitting there in the hospital room listening to your stories. I hope you CHUGGED the rest of the chocolate milk, and are enjoying the carb load.

    Have you found the pavillion yet?
    Wish I were there to help you find cool places to go in the wheelchair. . .

    I miss you tremendously. I dont know why you have been a little down, but I know I have been missing my good friend since I last hugged her Monday afternoon. You are amazing! Thanks for being my friend 🙂 Someone asked me the other day how we started hanging out, and I honestly couldnt remember. . . SO, if you know, refresh my memory so I dont sit there with a blank stare next time Im asked.
    Do I get an award for the longest comment. Yes, obviously dealing with some Noelle withdrawals here. . .

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