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Today, my two best friends, Holly and Marlene, moved away. I have known for quite a while that Holly was moving, so in sorrowful anticipation of that event, I began grooming Marlene to take her place as my new best friend. So the next thing I know, Marlene moves away too. So I am now accepting applications for a new best friend. Please include your resume and a cover letter.

We had a few lasts this past week. Our last (and my first) bread day. Holly made bread. It took two tries (no salt the first time), but it was delicious. I brought my homemade blackberry jam.

Our last donut day. Holly made the donuts, and Gary made the glaze. (I helped a little.)

Rachel really, and I mean REALLY like the donuts.

Holly liked them too.
A farewell party at Dina’s house.
So good-bye, and good luck to both Marlene and Holly. Please come back soon for a visit. In the meantime, all the best of luck in your new city. Make some new friends. I warn you, though. You are not likely to find someone else like me. (But maybe that’s a good thing.)

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  1. That is the saddest thing. They could have at least spread out the sadness and moved a week or so apart. I feel your pain. I only met them for a minute and could tell that they were keepers.
    The doughnuts look so dang good. I could see that Rache had her new shoes on.
    Good luck with the interviewing. Watch out for frauds! they might catch you off guard! I think you will be just fine!

  2. You can get one face book or one of those and just tell people you ARE their friend. I want to be your bbf! can I or do I have to live by you and make you donuts?

  3. I do not know how to make donuts, but I do know how to make a mean boxed brownie mix (and just taught Meg as well)! I have had a few really “best” friends move away in the past years and it’s hard to find someone that you really connect with. I love you Noelle, and I ALWAYS enjoy talking to you.

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