Busy Week

Merry Christmas
I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We sure did. We probably don’t have many more Christmases ahead of us when we can sleep so late. Rachel didn’t wake up until 8:45. We opened our presents and had some breakfast. Then we went to Jeff’s parents’ house where we ate some more and opened more presents. We were able to talk to Jeff’s sister Michelle who is currently serving a full-time mission in Argentina, and we also were able to video chat with some of Jeff’s other siblings. We played games, we watched a movie, and we more or less sat around and did nothing. It was great!

I made pajama bottoms as Christmas gifts for Jeff, Rachel and myself. This was my first experiment with sewing with no supervision, although Jeff’s mom helped me get started with the first pair. Here are the final results. Please hold your applause until all of the models have been presented.

My favorite present was actually a gift from Jeff’s sister Michelle to Rachel, an Argentine national team fútbol (soccer) jersey. AWESOME!!!!!!! She is going to wear it every day, even to church, until she outgrows it, and by then, maybe her little brother or sister will be able to wear it.

Rachel’s Vital Statistics
Today I took Rachel to the doctor for her 15 month shots. After I arrived I learned that it was just one shot. (Good!) I was prepared with a lollipop to give her immediately afterward to minimize the crying. It worked like a charm. They also weighed and measured her.

weight: 23 lbs. 3.5 oz. (65-70 percentile)
height: 31 ¼ inches (75 percentile)

The weight thing surprised me, because a week and a half ago I took her to the doctor because of her ear infection, and she weighed a little over 24 lbs. That means she lost nearly a pound. What’s up with that? She eats like a horse! Maybe it’s all that time she spends on the Wii Fit.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jammies! Good work Noelle. You have inspired me. I am going to learn how to make them and do that next year. I better get started! Glad your Christmas was Merry! Love you

  2. Love the jammies! I am so very very impressed with your seamstress skills. Rachel is losing weight because she is moving around constantly, trying to get into things. what I dont get is why I dont lose weight when i am moving around cleaning up all the things they are getting into.

  3. I really like the Wii Fit a lot. The exercises are a lot of fun. I can easily put in 40 minutes (40 credits anyway) of exercise, and never be bored at all (like I am with running). There is nice variety. Are you thinking of getting one for yourself?

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