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I am copying this post from my sister Teddie about me on my birthday for your entertainment and pleasure. Teddie is a great writer, but I cannot attest to the truthfulness of this entire post as I was too young to remember most of it.

We’ve gotta hand it to Noelle

She risked having her birthday forgotten year after year by being born on December 24th. The first time we older brothers and sisters saw her was on Christmas Day through the first floor window of Mom’s hospital room. We were all standing outside on the lawn watching Mom open her presents that Dad brought for her. I was sixteen by then (now don’t anybody go and do any math, you hear?) and Lamona and I were old enough to go inside and visit (in those days you had to be 14), but we were on babysitting duty for those that weren’t.

It matters not that she was/is one of the cutest little girls ever born. Frankly, she did not like being a cute little girl. When, on Sunday mornings I would insist on doing her long, thick, dark brown hair, to capitalize on said cuteness, she would pout, looking mad and miserable until time to go to church. I hope she has forgiven me by now, even though I am not sorry. She was still cute, even when she was mad.

(photo courtesy of my sister Luella)

She distinguished herself early on as somebody not to be messed with, small size, gender and cuteness notwithstanding. When she was five, we, the Bateman family, were headed back to camp after yet another long day at the Hill Cumorah Pageant meetings and rehearsal. There was this sixteen year old kid, who also thought Noelle was cute, who did what all boys do when they want attention from a girl. He teased her by bopping her on the head repeatedly with his Book of Mormon while walking behind her. He got her attention all right, but not in the way he probably hoped. Instead of reacting by whining and charmingly telling him to stop it, she turned, grabbed him around the lower legs and leaned into him, causing him to fall over backward, Book of Mormon and all, over a strategically placed piece of seating equipment. So, Jeff, now you know who to call if ever anyone gets on your nerves. Noelle’s your woman.

Happy Birthday Noelle, and have a great birthday and Christmas!

With Love, from Teddie.

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  1. Happy Birthday Noelle! I’m sure it stunk having your birthday on Christmas eve when you were growing up. We love you and hope that your birthday and the ho ho holiday is wonderful! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

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