Crestwood 1st Ward Christmas Party Pictures

I have finished posting the Crestwood 1st Ward Christmas Party Pictures on my website. Since the address is kind of long, I’ll link it here:

Here are the “rules” to navigating the pages. Each thumbnail has a link to a bigger image on another web page. On this second page, the larger image also has a link to the original image. What this means is you should either right click on the big image and do a “save target as” or “save link as” and save the picture. Or you can click on the link, wait a moment or two, then right click on the picture and save the image to your drive.

The purpose for all this is to allow you to be able to make prints with the high quality picture.

In any case, enjoy.

Oh, and Noelle, since you are likely the only person from the ward to visit my page, please link this announcement on your blog. I’m also going to have the link in the ward program on Sunday.

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