Pictures from the Ward Christmas Party

Jeff created a website that has the pictures of the little kids (or big kids) with Santa. Here is the link to his site:

For instructions on how to get your picture, go to his blog.

Please share this information with people who may not read my blog (although why not I can’t imagine!) or Jeff’s blog. He is also going to try to get this information onto the ward bulletin.

Enjoy, and happy New Year!

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  1. Noelle,

    I am so excited about the new baby on the way. Rachel will have such fun with whoever it turns out to be!!! Yes, Stephanie (I think that is her name) is in my ward. they moved into the “Beverly Hills” section so he must be rather well off. Actually the ward is filled with young families their age and they should have a great time and lots of friends. I, however, am the only single person under the age of 75….quite out of place, but that is the way things go.Take care of yourself.


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