Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit

So, I unexpectedly received 38 GH:WT band kits in the “mail” today. I had ordered 40, but told my contact I only really wanted 10. Well, I got my 40 :-/ (2 had come earlier.)

In any case, I’m selling these for slightly less than what you would get (after taxes) at Wal-mart or anywhere else: $200.00. Contact me, call me, however, if you are interested.

This is the complete band kit. You get the following:

  1. The game disk (which comes with over 30 songs, online play, and the ability to expand your collection through online downloads)
  2. The guitar, with strap
  3. The drum kit (3 pads, 2 hats, pedal, 2 drum sticks)
  4. Microphone
  5. Stickers to personalize your items

Note, in order to take full advantage, you need 3 Wii-motes (one for each instrument).

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