Nothing new

Today has been kind of boring. Nothing new to report. My doctor came to see me, and said basically the same as yesterday. We’re just hanging on day by day. It seems so backwards to me that I am doing such an important job by lying around doing nothing.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that your day was boring. I was thinking about you the other day when I was working at the cannery, only able to use one hand, due to the machinery I was standing next to. I’m working on writing it up as a blog post for you to read.

  2. Can you use your cell phone in your area of the hospital? Hopefully so… otherwise, you need to give us your hosp. room phone number. We fasted for you and Baby Gaby today. We love you. It sucks being so far away through all of this. I wish I could do more… Just keep us updated and we’ll keep the prayers coming.

  3. PS. I just thought about your previously planned trip to Utah in March. What’s the status on that now? I’d love to see you, but totally understand if that doesn’t happen. We’ll be sure to see you when we come out for Baby Rose’s blessing.

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