Gabi’s Poopie Story

I would like to welcome Gabi to the exciting world of Poopie Stories. So far, Rachel has pretty much had a monopoly on poop stories. Gabi’s only story prior to today was a no poopie story. Well, she jumped in with both feet today.

In case you couldn’t tell, this post will focus on poop. If you find this topic objectionable, I would suggest that you stop reading now.

I had a feeling that Gabi would poop today. She doesn’t usually poop every day, but I thought that today would be the day. Sure enough, she pooped. I waited for a while to make sure she was finished, then got down to work. Due to laziness I chose to change her diaper on the couch. I opened her diaper, but left it underneath her to catch any possible residual waste. It’s a good thing too, becuse sure enough, she wasn’t done. In fact she saved the best for last. Have you ever seen projectile spit up? This was projectile poop. In fact it overshot the diaper and got on the couch. Now I had to remove the diaper to have a chance to clean everything up. But she still wasn’t done. This time she peed. I didn’t really have anything on hand to catch it, although I tried to with a wipe. It didn’t really work. Now my couch had poop and pee. I’m only glad that Jeff was on hand to keep Rachel from investigating too closely. Finally I got Gabi cleaned up and a new diaper on. If you happen to come over to my house any time, I think you can feel comfortable sitting on my couch. I cleaned up the mess.

Ah, the joys of motherhood!

3 Replies to “Gabi’s Poopie Story”

  1. Nope, every 3 or 4 days. For a while she was pooping more frequently, but I think that is because I was supplementing with formula at the time. I had a can that was open and I wanted to use it up until it was gone so that it wouldn't go bad. But now we're back to nature's nectar, and back to less frequent poops. After reading this reply, I feel I have gone into excessive detail.

  2. Tony used to work for a car upholstery guy. We have discovered that the best solution for stains is a product called AFTA. It is smelly for a day or two, but it removes any stain anywhere. If Gabi(or Rachel) ever mess up the upholstery again, I highly recommend Afta.

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