Today Rachel is 20 months old, and Gabi is one week old

Rachel – Rachel has grown up so much over the past three months. When I watch her every single day, I don’t notice the changes she makes so much, but over the past three months, when I haven’t had as much interaction with her, I have noticed a lot of growing up. She is such an explorer. She likes to go for walks. Not in the stroller, real walks. Today we walked around the cul-de-sac. She wanted to stop on the water meter cover and dance on it for a little while. She stopped to pick a dandelion, which she held on to the rest of the way home. She stopped to admire a worm that was crossing the sidewalk. When we got home she did not want to go back in the house, so we went into the back yard where she wanted to get into the little pool. I didn’t have her swimming stuff, so I just stripped her down to her birthday suit so she could play in the pool. I started having second thoughts, though, so I called the babysitter who was in the house, and asked her to bring me her little swimmer diaper. She had a lot of fun.

Gabi – Gabi has had an incredible day. I got a phone call from the charge nurse this morning telling me that Gabi’s bilirubin count was down to 10.7. That was good enough for them to take her off the light. They’ll check again in the morning to make sure it is still down. Last night when I went in to feed Gabi, I nursed her for 30 minutes. They don’t want her nursing longer than that because after a while she gets tired, and she starts using more calories to eat than she gets by eating. To make sure she gets enough, I gave her a little supplimental bottle of about one ounce. She downed it. Then I pumped, and got another 3 ounces. That made me worry that I was not providing Gabi with enough milk. So today when I went in to feed her, the nurse suggested that I stay there and give her two consecutive feedings, to see how long she lasts. If she gets enough, she will last for 4 hours, but if not she will wake up hungry. Well, I nursed her at 12:30, then waited around. Amazingly she did last for4 hours, so I guess I’m pretty confident that she is getting enough milk from me.

We have been trying to wean Gabi off her incubator for the past day or so. Today after her 4:30 feeding we put her down in a crib. If she is able to stay warm on her own she will be able to stay in the crib, and she needs to do that for 48 hours. She has been doing good since then, so I think we have a really good chance of bringing her home on Monday.

Because Gabi is no longer on the bililight, she doesn’t have to wear her eyeshades anymore. All her pictures are free of stickies, tubes, IVs etc.

One more thing. Gabi’s umbilical cord came off tonight. Wow! What a busy day for a one week old baby!

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  1. What a blessing–I’m glad that Gabi is doing so much better. She is beautiful. Rachel is looking grown up too–I love the newborn to 3 yrs. stage. Everything they do is incredibly cute and funny.

  2. Hi Noelle! So happy to see how well things are going. The girls are so cute. How is Rachel with Gabi….has she been able to be around her much? You guys are all so cute. I know you can’t wait to get the baby home! ; )

  3. Rachel doesn’t really know about her baby sister, yet. She’s not allowed in the areas that Gabi’s not allowed out of. We show Rachel pictures of Gabi, but I don’t know if she really understands that the baby in the picture is going to be living with us, and needing lots of attention that used to be hers, real soon.

  4. Rachel looks so grown up! I guess she is a BIG sister now. Gabi sounds like she is doing tremendous, and she looks even better now that all the shades and cords are off of her. I’m digging your longer locks, too–it’s a good look for you, although I am sure you will cut it shorter now that I said that. . . Have a great day!

  5. Don’t worry Kayla, there will be an official post with the spelling switch, but technically there is still another week before the polls close. I already know who the winner is (actually I knew before I even made the poll), but I thought I would at least give all my loyal readers a chance to vote.

  6. Holly, the hair will definitely be cut soon. I’ve been planning for a little while now, but I haven’t had the opportunity to act on it.

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