I can’t keep up with her!

Rachel is just reaching one developmental milestone after another, and I can’t keep up! Last Friday she pulled herself to her feet (using me for support). We were outside in the grass, and I was laying down. She crawled over to me, and was climbing over me, when all of the sudden she was standing up! She duplicated her feat yesterday when we were at great-grandma’s house, but I admit that I rolled a little to help her. This morning she got to her feet using the couch for support. This time I was free to snap a picture (or two).

She was pretty proud of herself.

Last Saturday we had a little (failed) Triple Crown party. (Meaning failed Triple Crown, not failed party.) Gary, a.k.a. the mad scientist, made homemade root beer. Mmmmm!

Big Brown didn’t win, but it was fun to hang out with friends and family.

The root beer was the highlight of the party.

After almost everyone left Jeff and I played croquet with his mom and dad. We played two times, and I came in 3rd and 4th out of four. I’m not very good at croquet, even with home court advantage!

I am not the lady in the pink dress (in case you were wondering). I’ll bet you thought that picture was us, but it’s not.

6 Replies to “I can’t keep up with her!”

  1. Standing is fun! Walking is soon!!

    I just can’t imagine you not being good at everything you try. I also can’t imagine you wearing a pink dress, although I have seen it written in your mom’s journal that in 1981, you went to a store and tried on a pink dress. When you came out of the dressing room you had on your knee high sports socks and sloppy sneakers with the pink dress.

  2. Malauna, the story about me in the pink dress is absolutely and 100% true. I remember it in detail. It was K-Mart. They were dirty sport socks too.

  3. you tripped me out w/ that last picture! Before I read it I was looking at it thinking, “they dressed up for the party? How strange.” That’s pretty funny!

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