I’m running out of unique titles

but that is the price I must pay for doing daily updates on this blog.

They really seem to like me here. I mean, they don’t want me to leave. Or maybe they are keeping me captive. I might really be on to something here. After all they have restraints on me. Actually the restraints consist of these leg message thingies, for the purpose of reducing the risk of blood clots in my legs. But I am attached to the bed. Of course it is closed with Velcro, so I can get up when necessary (every hour on the hour if you know what I mean).

It is hard to know what the schedule is around here. Yesterday my doctor came at 3:00 p.m. and today she came at 8:30 a.m. When I say “my doctor” what I really mean is a doctor from my group of doctors. I think I may have met them all by now. My doctor today was not someone I have seen since I’ve been in the hospital. I’ve seen her in the office several times, but today was her first time checking on me in my current condition. I was just staying in bed without keeping my head raised too much, but she told me she wants me with my head down and my feet up to resist the effects of gravity as much as possible. She used a big word for this position, starts with “T” but I don’t know what it is. Maybe that will be my project today, learn that fancy word.

I learn more about my condition every day, but I’m afraid if I go over it all again you will get bored, so I think I’ll wait a few days before I address it again. Unless of course something interesting happens.

I love hearing from and seeing you all.

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  1. I wish I could come and paint your toe nails. And, you wouldn’t be able to stop me because you shouldn’t strain! It sounds really relaxing but I know it’s nothing fun! We love you little Missy!

  2. Words around town seem to be about you. You’re loved at the hospital and really loved outside on the street too. 🙂

    Don’t know much about your condition. I do know pre-term labor isn’t so fun. Been there. (Just not admitted for it.) Please take care. You’re the best baby cooker there is for baby Gaby.

    Aren’t trials fun? Makes me think of the time I was in the Caribbean and a truck going way too fast with loads of junk flew around the corner. I felt prompted to “slow down”, did so, and then a huge-o pickax came flying off and landed in the middle on the hood- it should have landed on the window right in front of my eyes. I was fine and so was my baby, the crazy drivers jumped out and one of them ran up a bannana tree and I didn’t know what accident protocol was and I was scared and then I stopped and realized. I had been prompted and protected. My point? Slowing down is okay for you right now. I know the Lord is aware of you and your family and I know that promptings for what should be done will come. I know you know that too.

    He loves you more than the hospital and street peeps 🙂

    I’ll keep checking in. I’ll be seeing Jeff and Rachel friday night.

    lots of love.

  3. I had those leg things on after my surgery too. I really liked them and requested that they stay on even after the nurses offered to take them off. It was so relaxing to have my legs massaged all night long! Stay low and enjoy the “pampering”. I am praying for you and baby Gaby.

  4. I hesitate to say this because maybe you were looking forward to your little research project, but I think the word the doctor used was “Trendelenberg.” Wouldn’t it just be easier to say “legs up”?

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