Mitt Romney bowing out

Jeff here:

Sorry for the hijacking of this post . . . It is something that I can’t leave to just one or two posts on inconsequential forums. So, I’m going to let our friends know my feelings.

Noelle has mentioned she doesn’t want to turn this blog into a political forum . . . I just can’t remain silent.

McCain’s ONLY chance to win is to put Romney as his VP. It is his ONLY chance. Otherwise Hillary or Obama will utterly DESTROY him in the general election.

True Conservatives will sit on their hands.
True Conservatives know that you don’t turn your backs on veterans as McCain has done in 1994.
True Conservatives know that you don’t limit political free speech.
True Conservatives don’t grant amnesty to lawbreakers.
True Conservatives don’t RAISE taxes on gasoline to cater to global warming nuts and ruin the US economy.
True Conservatives know that “It’s the economy, stupid!” The economy, which McCain admitted in December he doesn’t know much about, is what defeated Communism, what will beat China, and is what the terrorist will attack (WTC) as much as possible. A weak economy will be our destruction.
A True Conservative knows that you don’t ask JOHN KERRY to be his running mate and ask to switch to the liberal Democrats.
A True Conservative does NOT lie about his opponents and then deny lying even when everyone, EVERYONE, calls you on it.
A True Conservative, is NOT John McCain. And the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY way to win the Presidency is to beg and plead for Mitt Romney to be his running mate.

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  1. I was very interested in the comments about Mitt Romney bowing out. I didn’t know he had until I read the blog. I am further and further dismayed at this presidential election and the direction it has taken. The media is talking so much about how wonderful it is to have a woman and a black running for president for the first time that they are letting the real issues get pushed to the side. The woman running has shown herself to be completely without integrity and the black is a so called former Muslim taught in his youth to hate the infidel…that would be Americans. Sadly on the Republican side McCain is not up to par as a candidate, Huckabee is too unknown, and America is too busy throwing God away and then hypocritically asking Romney if he is a Christian to even notice him as a real candidate. I don’t think the Republicans have a chance against the woman or black mystique, but it won’t be for the lack of my vote against them. I think Americans are in for a rude awakening this presidential year but most will be too drunk or drugged out or just plain not care to notice. Good comments, Jeff. I feel your frustration.

  2. Hi Jeff, We agree whole heartedly that Romney needs to be the VP in order to salvage the Republican race. There might be too much animosity between them. Time will tell. However, we try to keep in mind who is really in charge.
    Love, Dad and Harriet

  3. Jeff,
    My sentiments exactly. I almost cried as I listened to Romney’s speech this morning. What are we going to do? And what is going to become of this great country? It looks like we now are going to have to pick the lesser of the three evils. I would love to see Romney as V.P. There he’ll be able to prove to America what “the Conservative of Conservatives” is capable of, and will be a shoe in for the 2012 elections. I guess all we can do is pray that things don’t fall apart too much before them.
    (I know Noelle. You’ve never met me, but I couldn’t not respond to your “thread-jacked” post.) Thanks for letting me vent.)

    On a happier note…cute baby!

  4. I feel your pain, but lets face it, McCain hates Romney. It isn’t going to happen.

    I considered not voting for anyone this year(after I heard Romney dropped out), but truth be told, we need someone to keep the war from being a disaster, so that is the ONLY reason McCain will get my vote in the end.

    And the truth is that some democrats will feel safer voting for McCain than either of their candidates.

    But, my heart aches for a Romney to vote for. . .

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