Obama care

In an idiotic move, the House passed the Health Care reform bill late on a Saturday night. What can we do? Because our elected leaders are obviously not listening to us.

It is telling that Pelosi (can you not find a more stupid person in a position for an intelligent person?) likened this passage to the passage of Social Security and Medicare. Look, the working class are paying for the current Social Security payments. That was not how it was supposed to work. It was supposed to work that you paid into your own Social Security payments. Soon the working class will be paying for last years Social Security payments… and it’s going to get worse. FAILED social program #1. And Medicare. That program, while beneficial to our senior citizens is so fraught with fraud it is amazing. That program also spends out more and more every year. FAILED social program #2. I liken what they are trying to do to the Education system. FAILED social program #3. Why is it failed? They keep throwing money at it and yet acknowledge that our kids are falling behind the rest of the world. The citizen has to pay for public school even if they have no kids. And if their kid goes to private school, they get docked twice, once for private school and once for the public school tax.

The details of this bill are downright scary! It’s not advisable, but it is currently a choice not to be insured. Under this bill you will pay to have insurance or pay not to have insurance.

On a more personal note. The passage of this bill may hurt the medical industry in Louisville pretty severely. With the auto industry not doing so well and then the medical industry, this town will need to find something else. I guess alcoholism and gambling is the next industry in line here. :-p (Not that I advocate either one.)

Did these idiots not learn from the former Soviet Union that socialism does not work! The USofA ran the USSR bankrupt because the free market proves a better way.

I will accept socialism, as long as it comes with the United Order. I will only accept the United Order as long as Jesus is the head of it. And that’s not going to happen until He comes again (which can’t be too soon! … so repent! :^)

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